Schools out

Hake,samphire,nettle tops,leeks

Hake,samphire,nettle tops,leeks

So it was the Easter holidays, schools out, 2 weeks to kill, and even the promise of good weather. How bad. Another beautiful seaweed walk under my belt….and longing for more, we took to the coast. Off to Doolin, driving around on good Friday, joining the confused tourists, as they scratched their heads in bewilderment at the closed signs on the local hostelries doors. Food but no porter, it’s just not the same,I hear you say.

Anyway coffee for now and two boys biting at the bit to be free, we headed for the rocky shore, over farmland, past busy cows and flowers of the Burren. Then down between the cracks we saw it, Rock Samphire, protected by the shelter of the stones crevices and from creatures that love it as we do, we feasted on this salty delicacy leaving some for the next lucky forager, human or animal.

Home afterwards tired and hungry, nettles plucked, samphire steamed and hake in lemon and pepper in the oven for 10 mins, I produced this dish fit for a king and my two happy kids. Freedom and free food.

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