Lahinch Surf Shop and Surf Report

Lahinch Surf Shop and Surf Report.

Talk about lazy, from my WildKitchen, I can see the sea on screen, through a camera, used by the good people at the Lahinch Surf Shop.

So when I wanted to go harvesting seaweed the other day, without even putting my nose out, I could tell it was a good time. There was a spring tide which is the best time to harvest seaweeds. A spring tide does not refer to Spring time but a ‘springing’ of the the water. Usually two days either side of the full moon or new moon are the best tides for harvesting, but this can vary. Get a local tide book. So off I went to the beautiful Barrtra strand near me, wrapped up, as I could see my breath, and armed with my shopping basket, and gloves. I was not disappointed, from the cold salty water, I plucked sugar kelp, forest kelp, and oarweed. Sea lettuce, carrraigin moss and duileasc. As the day was dry and windy, I dried it in a couple of hours across hazel rods, on the decking. It was a lovely sight. I’ve been eating it since, and I feel all the better for the little effort involved, and the help of the web cam. Thanks guys.

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