Seaweed and Lemon Verbena Bath


Scientific studies have confirmed that seaweed baths help lower body stress and relieve skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema, acne etc). They are beneficial in the treatment of muscle aches and joint stiffness (rheumatism and arthritis), and for some circulatory problems. Seaweed baths release toxins and have a general therapeutic effect on the system. Seaweed absorbs and concentrates minerals from the Sea and transfers them to our cells in bath water!

This seaweed Fucus Serratus was sustainably foraged by me at the local beach, prepared and dried with the Verbena from my polytunnel.

How to use this Seaweed.

Prepare a bath with hot water and immerse half the contents of the bag in it.

Allow to cool slightly and hop in. The gel from the seaweed will make the water amazing, immersing your bones in this soothing, divine bathing experience is so beneficial. The Verbena gives a lovely aroma.

If you prefer you can wrap seaweed in muslin and hang this from the taps with the water flowing through.

Put the used seaweed on the compost heap.

Use some dried seaweed as an ex-foliator. Feels amazing.

   Seaweed Bath with Lemon Verbena.

Seaweed and Nettle Seed Salt

Locally foraged Dillisk and Nettle Seeds, mixed with Organic Atlantic Sea Salt.

A lovely addition to all food. Nettle seeds are for tired bodies, this salt is good for you, full of minerals and trace elements and with it’s great flavour, full of nature,

    Seaweed and Nettle Seed Salt

Luxury Mineral Bath Salts

Soak and detox in this lovely blend of Atlantic Sea Salt, Epsom Salts, Lavender oil and flowers, wild rose petals, and dried Fucus Serratus seaweed, foraged sustainably near my home.

Enough for approx 5 baths, add to hot water and let the magic work.

Sold in 300g bags made from corn starch for easy shipping.

Luxury Mineral Bath Salt

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