Hunger is sweet kitchen………

My dear friend Dickie told me that when he was young his mother, used to feed him and his siblings in the morning, before  they would head off playing, hunting, and getting up to mischief, until the belly’s would start to rumble, and they would return home to Mammy.

Ah she would say,” Hunger is sweet kitchen”, I love this saying and use it my-self at home some-times.

With February running away , and the hungry gap not filled, the offer of imported greens and salad in the shops, and the ever increasing awareness of food security, it is more important than ever to grow your own, and plan for the year, what to grow. The heating cables are in place, the earth in the tunnel, primed and warming, being drip fed by the now smelly seaweed I mulched it with earlier, and the thrill of sowing the first, mizuna, rocket, tomatoes, and aubergines is mine, a time of the year that holds promise, of at least a full larder in the months to come.

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