Wild Food Walks and Events 2021

Immerse yourself in nature, 
find and taste amazing wild food…..


Recent Trip Advisor review of our Seaweed walk last Summer.

                               “Private learning experience tour”

“Wonderful learning experience with an enthusiastic teacher in the greatest classroom of all.

Oonagh was a terrific guide and her choice of location for the tour was perfect.

On our private walking tour we learned about foraging the local plant life of Ireland

and the amazing bounty available in the many types of seaweed found there.

Was an absolute highlight of our trip.”

All walks are weather dependent and subject to a minimum no of 4.
They need to be booked at 087 6877890

January 2021


Sat. 11th Jan. 11 am Spring Tide         WILD FOOD TASTER WALK SEAWEEDS
Sat. 25 Jan. 11am to 1.30                    Seaweed Course Spring Low

 Wed    29th Jan  12.30pm  Spring low     WILD FOOD TASTER WALK SEAWEEDS


February 2021

Wed. 12th Feb. 12 noon Spring Low Seaweed Walk

Sat. 29th Feb. 1pm.  Spring Low Seaweed Course details here

cancelled !

March 2021    if restrictions allow!

Tue 2nd March   12.30    Spring Tide      Wild Food Taster Walk Seaweeds

Sat 14th  March 11.30am details here  Spring Herbs and Greens Walk 

Thursday 18th March 1pm Wild Food Taster Walk Seaweeds


Mon 29th March Spring Low Seaweed Forage 12 noon.

Tuesday 30th March Spring tide seaweed walk 1pm


 Details of where to meet when booking at 087 6877890

April  2021

Sat. 3rd 2.30pm     Spring  Tide     Wild Food Taster Walk Seaweeds
Tue 13th  April   12 noon   Spring  Tide   Wild Food Taster Walk Seaweeds

Thursday 15th 12.30pm  Seaweed walk  Spring low tide

Sunday 18th April 2pm    Spring  Tide    Wild Food Taster Walk Seaweeds  

Thursday 29th 12 noon Seaweed Walk

Details of where to meet when booking at 087 6877890


MAY  2021

Sunday  2nd May     3pm Spring Tide     Wild Food Taster Walk Seaweeds

Saturday 15th May 1pm   Spring Tide    Wild Food Taster Walk Seaweeds

Sunday 16th May 1.30pm         Seaweed Walk/Talk/Taste  

Saturday  29th May    1pm             Wild Food Taster Walk Seaweeds

Sunday 30th May 1.30pm               Wild Food Taster Walk Seaweeds

 details of where to meet when booked at 087 6877890

June 2021

Sat 12th June Wild Food Taster Walk/Seaweed   12 noon

Sun 13th June Wild Food Walk  inc. seaweed      12.30pm

Tuesday 15th June  1.30pm spring tide low    Wild Food Taster Walk Seaweeds

Friday 25th June    11.30am     spring tide/full moon    Wild Food Taster Walk Seaweeds

Saturday 26th June spring tide seaweed walk 12 noon

Sunday 27th June spring low tide Seaweed walk 1pm

 Details of location when booking : 087 6877890

Oh my my  July 2021

Saturday 10th July 11.30am. Seaweed walk/talk/taste.

Sunday 11th July 12noon Wild Food Walk inc. Seaweed Spring tide

Monday 12th July 1 pm  Seaweed Walk/Talk/Taste low spring tide 

Tue 13th July  1.30pm Wild Food Walk/Flowers/Herbs/Picnic

Sunday  25th  July  12 noon     Seaweed Walk Low Spring Tide

Monday 26th July 12.30pm spring tide low full moon seaweed walk

Booking and info at 087 6877890


2021 /sept/oct dates to follow

August 2021

Monday 9th August New MOON Spring Tide Seaweed walk at 12 noon.

Tuesday  10th August at 12.30pm Seaweed Walk/ Spring tide

Wednesday 11th August 1pm Seaweed walk spring tide

Monday 23nd August Seaweed/Wild food walk 12 noon

Tuesday 24th August, Spring tide low Seaweed walk at 1pm

Thursday 26th August seaweed wild food walk 1pm


September 2021

The Season of Mists and mellow Fruit-fullness

To Autumn, John Keats Poet.

Wed 8th Sept Spring tide seaweed walk. 12.30pm

Sunday 12th Sept. Spring Tide Seaweed Walk  at 2pm.

Saturday Sept. 18th 11.30am Wild Food Walk along the old West Clare Railway and Picnic. €40 pp.

Thursday the 23rd Sept seaweed walk /Spring low tide after the Full Moooooonnnnn…….. meet at 12.30pm. Details on booking.

Sunday the 26th Sept as part of the

Seaweed Walk/Talk on Lahinch promenade at 2pm.

Booking essential. 087 6877890.












October 2021

Events and walks to follow.

Sunday 10th October Seaweed Walk/Talk/Taste 1pm.

Wednesday 27th Seaweed Walk/Talk/Taste 2pm

Weather permitting.

Burren Food Fayre Bank Holiday Weekend Oct 22nd to the 24th.

Walks, Talks, Workshops and Unique Food Experiences all weekend.

Seaweed Talk on Lahinch Prom at 3 pm Saturday 23rd October as part of the weekend events.

Check for details. Tickets available on Eventbrite.


November Holiday Time !

Private walks can be arranged by contacting me at 087 6877890.

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