Pizza…….. as if we need a reason.


Yes it’s back to good old pizza. The kids love it, I love it, and making it after the indulgences of Christmas, seems refreshing and easy, especially when you get to use up those left-overs, that are reminding you of how much food is wasted over Christmas, and you are not going to be another  statistic ! New Years Resolutions and all that…..rocket pizzaSo we made three, there goes one resolution already. Had just enough rocket left in the tunnel for this baby, and it was scattered on after cooking, so it wilted a wee bit, and the smell was divine, along with the hot cheese, olives and red onion. So the thinking cap on, out came the smoked bacon, the tiny sprouts nobody loved and the last of the tomato base I made in the Autumn. More oohs and aaahs…all from me!Brussel sprout pizza 2 Purple sprouting broccoli saved from the storm was washed and tossed in garlic and oil, and strewn around the other bits and pieces of the third one, that bit of Chorizo at the back of the fridge, the last of the Verdi Gordal  olives, that I sliced and scattered mmmmm and the smelly goats cheese, needing to be eaten. We were in Pizza heaven, and a glass of Lidl’s best sherry topped if off. brocolli pizza 2

Happy New Year.

2014 is the “European Year Against Food Waste ”,

Let’s do our bit….

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